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the new site is up and running, hope you enjoy it!

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Changing site for myself!

So its been a long time coming, and since I dislike I’ve moved over to >:3. Although is awesome.

So my new site will be up and running in 2 days time. Until then WAIT.

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MOBILE, Alabama (Reuters) – An Alabama father confessed to throwing his four young children from a high-rise bridge into coastal waters after an argument with his wife, police said on Wednesday.

Lam Luong, 37, of Irvington, Alabama, was charged with four counts of murder and was being held in the Mobile County, Alabama, jail. He was scheduled for a bond hearing on Thursday.

Searchers in boats and helicopters were scouring 100 square miles of coastal Alabama waterways for the children, who ranged in age from four months to three years and were presumed dead.

Investigators said Luong first reported the children missing on Monday but later admitted he threw them from the 80-foot (24-metre) bridge connecting the Alabama mainland to Dauphin Island near Mobile following a dispute with his wife.

“We’re doing an extensive search,” said Sgt. Jerry Taylor of the Mobile County Sheriff’s Department.

Seven law enforcement agencies, including the U.S. Coast Guard, joined the search, which resumed at daybreak on Wednesday after being called off Tuesday night due to rough water and fog.

Divers were also involved in the search for the bodies of the children, along with boats using sonar.

Police identified the children as 4-month-old Danny Luong; Lindsey Luong, 1; Hannah Luong, 2; and 3-year-old Ryan Phan.

Local media, citing a law enforcement official, said Phan was not Luong’s biological child but the suspect had raised the boy from the time he was an infant.

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/b/-News | Man shot once at a streetlight, murders 2.

DENVER (AP) ― A man accused of firing a single bullet into a home that killed two people early on New Year’s Day told investigators he had shot at a streetlight with a .44-caliber handgun, according to police documents released Wednesday.

Pedro Cortez, 25, was arrested hours after the shooting on two counts of first-degree murder. He was being held without bail.

Police said they believe Cortez fired a shot at about 12:20 a.m. Tuesday that tore through the front wall of a west Denver home and killed an 11-year-old girl and a woman at a family gathering inside. They said the bullet passed through the seated woman’s head and struck the girl in the side.

Cortez said nothing during a brief court appearance Wednesday but mouthed “I love you” to family members.

The victims’ relatives tearfully watched as Cortez stood before the judge.

Investigators said earlier the bullet may have been fired by someone celebrating New Year’s. After Cortez’s arrest, police spokesman Sonny Jackson said he couldn’t comment on a motive.

“This ain’t no accident. I don’t want to hear anything saying this is an accident,” victims’ relative Norma Kaholo said. “Knowingly, someone shooting a gun; eventually that bullet has to land somewhere. That’s how I look at it.”

The affidavit said the home where the victims were shot was visible from the spot where Cortez told police he had fired the handgun. The two locations are on opposite sides of a park, several hundred yards apart.

Cortez told investigators he fired at about 12:35 a.m., the affidavit said. The 15-minute discrepancy from the time that police said the victims were killed was not immediately explained.

Kaholo identified the younger victim as her niece, Angelica Martinez, and the woman as Kaholo’s cousin, Rebecca Yanez.

Police Chief Gerry Whitman said earlier that investigators thought the weapon had been a high-powered rifle. He said investigators used lasers to trace the trajectory of the shot and to determine that one bullet killed both victims.

Neighbors of Cortez say he had moved in about a month ago.

“I didn’t do anything. I just heard the gunshots,” Cortez’s neighbor Mary Cabral said. “I just figured someone was out throwing some gunshots because it was midnight.”

“It might have been an accident, which still would be illegal if someone was firing a weapon recklessly in the city,” Whitman said.

Cabral said her mother called police about loud music at Cortez’s apartment. She said she saw them leave the building just before midnight.

“She asked them to turn down the music,” Cabral said. “They didn’t listen to her. She called the cops, but she doesn’t know if they came or not.”

The judge agreed to hold a hearing to consider setting bail for Cortez but did not set a date.

Jackson said the police work that led to Cortez’s arrest was “amazing.”

“They pull some stuff off, I tell you. I’m surprised that hours later they got an arrest,” he said.

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Meet Jim Bob & Allan

January 2nd. I made Jim Bob.

Jim Bob is made of win and apples.

Jim Bob

Also I took a picture of myself the 2nd. With my new camera.

Me Jan. 2nd

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Christmas Days Update

I got to Spain the 23rd, right after our anme union had our christmas event. All here is fine. Spending it with my mom and dad. Though today my brother came here and his girlfriend was along for the trip. Then we went out to eat as mom stayed home and took a nap.

My friend Mikael started up a cool new site to keep people informed (in Denmark and in Danish) about the new anime’s coming out in 2008 and in the future, called I at least know that I could use someone to do the work for me, hehehehe.  So all is well on the homefront. Anime related, me and my friend Morten are doing some work for SVS which will be happening in April.

I got my camcorder, a nice 60 gb HDD HD cam from sony, that I’ve used a bit. Tomorrow I will head out and film the anime store, and the figurines I intend to buy, of Ryuuk and Rem from Death Note. Life is good. I got a DS lite from my brother, and 3 Phoenix Right games. Pictures insue!

The deviantart profile is back on track and I have actually added a few sketches. You can find it here.

Miss going around with the old gang, so merry christmas to you all, especially the guys that send me sms’s. I can’t send any in return since my phone has been acting up from when Selene stepped on it at our thursday meet. I need to go get that checked out at the store. The DND crew Thomas, Martin, Sarah and Gisela are also doing good I hear, but I don’t talk to you guys.

And a merry x-mas to Arvid for all the awesome help with the servers, and sites. You are teh awesome m4n.

All of the dudes of Kameko, thanks for an awesome set of months since April 15th. Especially thanks to Jill for taking over all the hardships and to Peter Kåre for all the help getting us off the ground. Thanks to the new guys in the board, and lets kick ass in 2008.

A few days till new years, and all I want to say is time to kick ass. So kick it.

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New Youtube Movie: Plushie Hell

I made new movie about J-popcon. My friend Sasha was there, at the time I didn’t know her all too well, but hey, now I do. So, at J-popcon 2007 I caught her plushie and randomly walked around, thats the backstory. Added a few names of some people, but looking forward to seeing reactions to this video, if any. People don’t check things out at all… lol. Also lazyness has been ensueing so next project is still japan trip report.

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An Cafe is coming to Sweden (Oh BABY)!


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Your Move Macs

/g mac: im a mac.
/g pc: and im a pc.
/g mac: hey pc what are you doing?
/g pc: playing games.
/g mac: which ones?
/g pc: all of them

your move macs

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Fan girls are the most scary things in the world.

My friend Celia wrote a text about fangirls. This is her great cherished opinion on what fangirls are! Enjoy.

Fan girls are the most scary things in the world.
They jump up and down every time they see you, and WON’T LEAVE YOU FREAKING ALONE!!! *gasp*
Ehm.. sometime when you sit down and ask yourself… “what are fangirls?” Then the answer is very easy.
They’re ZOMBIES O__O they live day in and day out screaming to the boy/girl they love (and know they can’t get)
and still they look like they think they’re goin’ to get married!!!
Well… Fangirls are the weakest link xD
Brain dead zombies who need a life BD

//Celia, 15,

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